Pawan Kalyan Quashes All Fears!

By - November 17, 2017 - 12:40 PM IST

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It is more than two decades that power star Pawan Kalyan has been ruling the roost in the Tollywood circuit and the kind of mania he has, no other star has it. Hence, the expectations are extremely high on his movies and even his fans expect him to be picture perfect at all times.

In this regard, there was a large amount of concern in between after looking at few pictures of Pawan. The common opinion was Pawan was not taking care of his fitness and hence they could see the bulge. The ageing effects on the power star were just not digested by the cine buffs.

However, Pawan has quashed all those fears with just few stills. Recently few pictures from his ongoing project tentatively titled ‘Agnaatavasi’ were unveiled and Pawan is seeing sleek and handsome. There is a stylish makeover in his look and he is sure to drive his fans crazy in theatres.

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