PSV Garuda Vega Overseas Details

By - November 18, 2017 - 05:53 PM IST

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Once a film hits the theatres the makers may claim any figure as their collections but at one point the truth comes out. Since the last few days the makers of Garuda Vega have been jumping in joy citing it has become a blockbuster success. Whether it is true or not, here is one reliable information.

The overall business including the theatrical, overseas has been locked and completely they have got 12 crores share. Secondly, though the makers claimed the total budget for doing the movie was 30 crores the inside reports reveal the making cost just 8 crores and promotion 1 crore.

Either ways they are having 3 crores profit and the film is still running slowly in few B, C Centers. The huge collections phase is over and the full business run is coming to an end for this movie. Whether it has given profits to investors or not, the film has certainly earned a good repute. 

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