Heroine Flirting With 3 Heroes

By - November 22, 2017 - 01:13 PM IST

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You would have got used to the pattern of actresses getting linked up with affairs and flings and they reverting it as trash and rumour. While most of the times they are true it is also a fact that few beauties end up straying here and there just for their own personal benefits.
The talk now is about one hot heroine and her hanky panky with three heroes. It is heard that this beauty is going around with a hero who has political background, another hero with strong film family background and a hero with a popular technician background.
At a time she is in multiple relations and it is heard that whoever is approaching her with a project she is guiding them to the hero with technician background and only then signing projects. She was also linked up strongly with family background hero. The discussions are happening on this beauty and they are saying if she is clever she would marry the one with political background and settle.

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