A Wake-up Call For Tollywood Biggies!

By - November 22, 2017 - 12:30 PM IST

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Gone were the days when there were genuine fan bases for our stars. Bigwigs like NTR, ANR, Shobhan Babu etc had a huge following from the audience of all the quarters. Their movies also, had proper commercial values along with solid content. 
Then came up the next generation of stars like Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Balakrishna, Venkatesh, Rajasekhar etc. The stars of this era merely doubled the craze and following among the audience. Their fan bases grew stronger in the mean time and had a huge impact on the economy of the film industry. Even the movies were well-made and well-received. 
Let us now talk about the current scenario, where there are multiple heroes(both who belong to the families who are already stars and the new ones who have come up by their own) exist in the industry. The things have changed around. Let us see how.
Even today, there are fan bases for sure, but the audience (collectively) seems to have been looking for something unique and fresh from the stars and also movie makers. To be exact, the tastes of the audience has got revolutionized. 
Some of the low-budget movies becoming huge hits are the examples to denote that the taste of the viewers has changed. Small movies with low and medium budgets seem to have good content lately when compared to heavy budget movies.  
Recent hits like Pelli Choopulu, Fidaa, Arjun Reddy have made it clear that the audience is definitely in the favor of good content more than the huge star cast. These movies were also made with a limited budget but the collections were comparatively much higher.
Even the distributors, exhibitors, and the producers are happy with their share in the success of these movies. Content with the gain they have got from such movies, they have started to encourage more 'small' movies with 'big' content, which is a very healthy sign to both businessmen and the stars. 

A Big Day For Power Star Fans!
On the other hand, the so-called commercial movies with heavy star-cast and whopping budget limit failed to impress the audience. Some of the movies with the star heroes also failed to grab the attention of their own fan bases. All those movie makers and the stars brag about how heavy the star cast is, how high the budget is, how concrete the sets are. But, are the fans happy with the content at all? 

'No' is the answer. The collections are the indicators. The so-called 'big' movies are being made with heavy bugdet as huge as 40-50 crores (on an average). But, how many of them are reaching the break even with their collections? How many movies are covering up the 'gain' point in which a long chain of exhibitors, distributors are involved? Apart from the star cast, is the content of such movies grabbing the attention of the audience? Big movies with proper content would mint the money at box-office. Baahubali stands as an exemplification for that. 

The moral of the story is, the content plays the key in the current scenario. So, this shall be considered as a wake-up call for the biggies who are always behind the big fat budget movies and ensemble star cast.  The audience in general are looking for fresh and solid content, more than the grandeur and star cast. This makers and the stars need to observe this. 
Tollywood's fans are stepping towards a contrasting path away from the stereotypic movies. Movies are to be made keeping this strong point in the mind to impress the audience. 

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