PR Issues For Talented Actors

By - November 25, 2017 - 03:59 PM IST

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Every industry has certain requirements and norms which need to be adhered to and even if they don’t carry any rationale or requirement, they need to be followed. A common feature among all the professions is Public Relations. You would have seen a lot that though they don’t have the right talent, few individuals rise up in their careers purely on the basis of their PR skills
And this is something which is nothing less than mandatory for actors and actresses. The cine circuit is one place where egos need to be stroked, those in demand need to be given their due importance and stuff like that. In case you want to be an actor you need to be ready to hone your PR skills and that leads to opportunities.

Due to PR issues, talented actors are losing o, t and eventually they fade out. Though they get good offers if there is a gap and they are not seen onscreen for a while, new people will fill that slot using their PR skills. So, it is not just talent but public relations which matter the most. Sometimes, it is more needed than talent.

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