All Eyes On Angry Star!

By - November 27, 2017 - 03:07 PM IST

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It gives a special sense of belonging and identity when it comes to the south cine circuit because most of the heroes and heroines are given some or the other titles. Currently the focus is on one hero who was off the radar for nearly fifteen years and he has bounced back with a sizeable success at the box office.

We are talking about angry star Rajasekhar and he is currently riding high with the success of his recent venture Garuda Vega. With this, many had predicted that Rajasekhar would join the league of Prime Star Jagapathi Babu who has been ruling the roost since long. However, it appears Rajasekhar has got his own plans.

According to reports, the senior actor was approached for two action based projects and he had declined them. Apparently, Rajasekhar is keen to produce another movie and this time again he wants to do something with substance and content. Well, let us wait to see when he would make the official announcement then.