Akkineni Clan To Appear In 'Hello'?

By - November 27, 2017 - 02:32 PM IST

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It is always a rare and interesting experience when you see family members coming together onscreen. Even if it would be for a brief moment, the entire feeling is thrilling. Akin to that, it is heard that the new movie Hello is going to come up with few surprises which would comprise of the Akkineni clan.

It is known that the movie is all set to hit the screens on December 22nd and this has Akkineni prince Akhil as the protagonist. Now, news from Akkineni compound is that this would also feature ‘King’ Akkineni Nagarjuna along with the gracious Amala Akkineni doing important cameos. And there is more from the family.

Reports also reveal the cute smile queen Samantha is going to do a cameo and she would be mostly accompanied by Yuva Samrat Akkineni Naga Chaitanya. If all this is true it is certainly going to be a wonderful treat for the Akkineni fans and the cine buffs. For now, all eyes are on the pre release promos.

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