JD Missed Opportunity With Pawan Kalyan

By - November 29, 2017 - 11:47 AM IST

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It is an open secret that these days the best or quickest way to garner attention is by saying something about a big celebrity. This triggers the media excitement and in return you get your share of mileage. While some smart individuals make the most of it, there are those who believe in giving a truthful opinion and miss out a chance.

In Tollywood, the topic of power star Pawan Kalyan is always a hot cake. If you speak something sensational about him it gives lot of mileage and publicity. Akin to that, some are saying actor/director J D Chakravarthy has missed an opportunity. Apparently, he was part of a candid interview for a big TV channel and the question of Pawan Kalyan, his fans and his political sojourn came up.

In response, JD was seen balancing the answer with a positive thing. His well wishers are suggesting he should have been open with his thoughts as it would have grabbed attention so he missed a chance. As such, JD and his mentor RGV love to invite controversy but this answer has surprised many.

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