Dil Raju Insults Director?

By - November 29, 2017 - 11:23 AM IST

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Irrespective of whether you have a successful track record or not, there is certainly some amount of talent you would possess when you are part of the film industry so when someone is unmindful of that, it would prick you in some way or other. Even if the other person doesn’t have that intent, the interpretations tend to go in that direction.

The man with the golden hand Dil Raju was sharing his thoughts at the function of the movie Jawaan wherein he mentioned that the movie didn’t come well so they got it reshot. While he has expressed super confidence that the movie is going to become a big hit now, his statement has not gone well with a few.

They are reading between the lines and saying “When he says he was not happy and had to go for a reshoot, what does it mean? It only indicates director B V S Ravi was not upto the mark and his skills are not matching the requirement of a talented filmmaker.” Well, as long as BVS Ravi takes it in the right spirit, nothing else matters.

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