What Is This Anup Rubens?

By - November 30, 2017 - 10:34 AM IST

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You may have some exemption to do some silly mistakes at the starting stages of your career but once you reach a certain level and attain celebrity status, your work needs to be authentic and original. At that point of time, if you are trying to lift and shift from somewhere a huge doubt raises on your skills and talents.

This is more sensitive issue in the entertainment industry because it runs solely on creativity. Given all this, many are now raising their eyebrows on music director Anup Rubens. Apparently, he is the music composer for the movie Hello featuring Akkineni prince Akhil and being helmed by the out of the box thinker Vikram Kumar.

Suddenly the teaser got removed from Youtube and while many were wondering why, here is the reason. It is heard that Anup has done an exact copy of ‘Exosuit’ a teaser tune developed by a Finnish company. The copyright issue has come up and the teaser has been removed. Those who heard this are shocked over Anup’s act.

While there was a havoc over this issue, Akhil Akkineni came up tweeting, "8 million and counting on social media?? As producers of the film we have to clarify the false copyright claim on our teaser. We are proud to have collaborated with really slow motion for an amazing background score. Pheww! What havoc for no reason". 

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