Krishnam Raju Still In Governor Race

By - November 29, 2017 - 04:04 PM IST

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The pattern of film stars getting into politics has been there since quite long and while some of them have even become Chief Ministers of states, some are happy grabbing an MP or MLA seat, serving for a while and relaxing. However, the target of one senior actor of Tollywood seems to be something more sensible and easy.

We are talking about rebel star Krishnam Raju and it is heard that he has set his eyes on Governor position. He is part of the BJP and yesterday when PM Narendra Modi came to Hyderabad for the Metro rail opening, Krishnam Raju was at the airport. He also put a shawl for Modi at the same spot and conveyed his loyalties and dedication.

Recently it was considered that Krishnam Raju would be chosen for the governor’s seat in Tamil Nadu but that didn’t happen. So, whenever there is a slot he is not missing a chance and taking care of BJP cadre and everyone to ensure he gets it. As you all know, the governor’s job is more about leading a luxurious retirement life with extravagant perks. 

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