Real Reason Behind Bithiri Satthi Attack

By - November 29, 2017 - 12:59 PM IST

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The last few days witnessed a commotion due to the physical attack on the famous small screen comedian Bithiri Satthi who is known for his distinct Telangana slang. Within a short span he has become a brand and when he got attacked many were surprised why this happened. Now, that person has revealed the reason.

The random stranger claims to be an aspiring film writer and director and he said he got enraged when Satthi made few comments on Telangana state and India. To show his patriotic fervor, this stranger went and hit Satthi. Not stopping at that, he also mentioned he wants to close the TV channel which had telecast the program.

While it is not sure how reasonable his explanation is, those who have watched the video are strongly saying that the concerned person looks mentally deranged with quite a bit of eccentricity. Few others feel this was just a stunt by this stranger to get some publicity because you get instant fame when you attack a celebrity. That’s the story folks!