The First Hyderabadi Horror Movie!

By - December 01, 2017 - 04:28 PM IST

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You might know quite a lot about the Tollywood circuit but if you are an avid cine buff and hail from Hyderabad you would certainly know about another industry known as Hyderabadwood. Yes, those are the quintessential movies which are made with proper Hyderabadi dialect and they have a sizeable market of their own.

This industry has been growing significantly and for the first time, a Hyderabadi horror movie is raising a lot of expectations. The film is titled as ‘127B’ and it marks the debut of Seshu KMR as the director. This has the famous trio of Hyderabad superstars Dheercharan Srivastav, Aziz Naser and Mast Ali. Heena is the leading lady.

Made with top-notch production values and high-end technical standards, those who have seen the rushes say it is going to change the face of the Hyderabadi films in a big way. The film is slated for release on December 8th and given the positive vibe, the success of this is certainly going to open avenues for more Hyderabadi movies in this genre. 

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