Right Actress In the Wrong Direction

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You might have the right kind of talent and skill but if your direction is not right then you end up becoming a failure in your career. Planning and rationale are key to success in the cinema industry and that too if you aspire to become a heroine where shelf life is very limited and opportunities seldom knock twice.

Tollywood has been the haven for many deserving beauties and the latest among them happens to be Nivetha Pethuraj, the leading lady of the recent release Mental Madhilo. She has hogged a lot of attention and limelight with her stellar performance and opportunities have opened floodgates for her. However, here comes the twist.

Nivetha has reportedly revealed that she is keen on becoming a director and wants to direct a movie. Those who hear this say this is not the right thing to say. The moment she indicated she has directorial ideas filmmakers find it to be a threat and they will keep her away. So, she will not get chances. But now that she has said it, let us see how Nivetha makes amends.

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