Allu Sirish Vs Daggubati Abhiram

By - December 02, 2017 - 01:39 PM IST

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Hailing from a star family always makes things easier for you if you are aiming to become a hero but this comes with a baggage too. Well, you will fall into the comparison league and it would take double effort for you to come out of that shadow and create an identity for yourself. The Tollywood circuit has many star kids entering the fray.

In the recent past it was Allu Sirish who has been working hard to establish himself but till date he is nowhere near his brother Allu Arjun. While his efforts continue, another star kid is preparing to arrive. He is none other than Daggubati Abhiram, son of the shrewd producer Daggubati Suresh and brother to towering hunk Daggubati Rana.

Just like what is happening with Sirish, the same is expected to happen with Abhiram when it comes to the league of Rana. For now, Abhiram’s debut project is confirmed and an official announcement will be out soon. Only time will reveal whether he will become like Sirish or will he earn an image on his own. 

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