Hero's Demand For Lady Technicians

By - December 02, 2017 - 01:49 PM IST

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In the film industry the director might be the captain of the ship but the king is always the hero. This is in terms of the big league boys as they call the shots in many issues. Among them are those heroes who have this penchant for being surrounded by pretty ladies and the talk now is about one hero who is making headlines for his taste on technicians.

Apparently, he ensures that there are always beautiful lady technicians in his project and they would right from the dance choreographer to art director to assistant directors. For that matter, the hero doesn’t mind asking for ladies from Bollywood because the quantity is more and so is the glamour quotient among them.

In the recent past the number of women in the 24 crafts has seen a rise and even there, those with looks always get some leverage. Now, with this hero keen on having all the beauties surrounding him, the director is running from pillar to post to fulfill this demand. As for the lady technicians, they are getting a bumper offer of working with a big name.

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