Branding Matters For Big Money

By - December 02, 2017 - 02:02 PM IST

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Earning money is without doubt the inevitable necessity for all of us and it all boils down to how much and how far we can go to fill our coffers. While working hard is the fundamental it is also important to work smart and those who observe such techniques tend to become crorepatis in no time and that too with good amount of fame.

In the film industry having a good story or for that matter scoring a hit alone would not fetch you money. You need to have that ability to build a brand out of yourself. For instance, if a director works for free and if the film becomes a hit the producer buys a flat and the story would stop there.

However, if the director narrates a story to a big hero and he okays it and producer is also set, such directors get good money. Getting into big league only helps you get into the brand and big money. The small movie directors will always remain at the same league.

Recently, director Nandini Reddy said in an event that they don’t work with big heroes but the point is big heroes don’t work with them. Hard fact folks!

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