Designers Minting Money In Film Nagar

By - December 02, 2017 - 06:11 PM IST

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Sometimes you may wonder as to why so many people run behind cinema industry and why they want to make a career though the success rate is very less. Well, if things click the kind of money you will see is beyond imagination. The added bonus is the celebrity status you get which adds to the fame and strokes your ego very well.

Currently the talk is about the designers who come up with outfits for the film celebrities. It is heard that for male dresses they are charging a whopping Rs 50,000 per outfit. They can be for the film functions, events, award functions and other public appearance stuff. These designers live in Film Nagar area itself.

They will do work for two or three celebrities and become celebrity designer and from there on, there is no stopping them. And another interesting trend is also being noticed. The male celebrities prefer to have a female designer and the female celebrities always opt for the male designers. At the end of the day, huge payments are made to these designers.

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