Mahesh Still Ridiculing Pawan Kalyan

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The only thing that you wish to do when you see power star Pawan Kalyan is, take a selfie with him or at least shake his hand. Given that type of following, one man has been constantly on an offensive against Pawan and he hails from Tollywood. We are talking about the famous online film critic and director/actor Mahesh Kathi.

It is known that the clash between Mahesh Kathi and fans of Pawan Kalyan has been on for a while and the latest happens to be from Mahesh again. Responding to Pawan’s title ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ Mahesh said it looks like ‘Agnaanavasi’ and not ‘Agnyaathavaasi’. The way things are going, Mahesh is not stopping anywhere.

Despite all the verbal attacks and warnings, he got from Pawan fans, Mahesh is doing what he wants without a hinge of fear or panic. That way, lakhs of Pawan fans are on one side and Mahesh Kathi is the only man standing on the other side. The coming days will reveal who will emerge as the winner in this fight.

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