Mahesh Kathi To Be Jailed?

By - December 09, 2017 - 04:46 PM IST

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Selfmade movie critic Mahesh Kathi seems to have crossed his limits by commenting on Honourable Prime Minister. While he claims himself as a movie critic, Kathi Mahesh has been interfering into political issues. 
While he continuously targets Janasena Cheif Pawan Kalyan, he keeps posting stuff on his social media sites. He recently crossed all the limits by calling Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi as a murderer. He went on blaming Pawan Kalyan for supporting Narendra Modi in the last elections. While the comments are provocative most of the times, he comes up with an excuse saying that it is his 'Right' to express what he feels. 
While his "freedom of speech" crossed the limits yesterday, BJP MLA Mr. Raja Singh reported to the Hyderabad Police to take action against Kathi Mahesh for his derogatory comments on Narendra Modi on his social media. The police even reacted to this report and assured they would take the necessary action. 
We have to wait and see what action will be taken against Kathi Mahesh. Citizens over the internet are furious over Mahesh for they feel that he is continuously provoking and is involved in the targeted harassment, while many others are offended over his comments on Prime Minister Modi. 

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