Shocking Vulgarity Of Producer And Actress

By - December 14, 2017 - 10:30 AM IST

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You know very well that film stars and cine folks are not just entertainers but are also considered as role models in our country. Given that, they are expected to carry themselves with dignity and self-respect. However, there are always those exceptions whose behavior in public forums will simply make you feel disgusting.

Right now, the talk is about one producer and actress. They are ‘blockbuster’ producer Bandla Ganesh and actress Roja respectively. The duo got into a spat in a TV live show and as expected the focus was on power star Pawan Kalyan. But before things could get rational, both Ganesh and Roja got into a very personal mode of argument.

This led to some really ugly statements from both and all the viewers could do was express shock over their vulgarity and foul-mouthed behavior. Before things could really blow out of proportion, the host intervened but the few minutes of mudslinging with cuss words was sufficient to showcase the other side of both Bandla Ganesh and Roja.

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