No Film Actors @Telugu Mahasabhalu?

By - December 14, 2017 - 05:17 PM IST

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You can consider it as a tradition or ritual of sorts that whenever the government of the Telugu state comes up with a cultural event there is bound to be some influence and involvement of the Tollywood circuit. However, it appears that the government of Telangana seems to be taking a different approach in its state of affairs.

Recently when Ivanka Trump visited Hyderabad, the Tollywood folks were nowhere around and the same is happening again. It is known that the prestigious ‘Prapancha Telugu Mahasabhalu’is going to take place from December 15th to 19th and while the city is getting decked up, nobody knows if any Tollywood folks are going to be part of it.

Some are saying that only Telangana based heroes would be invited while some feel all will be invited. As of now, cine glamour is not being touched a, d if they are kept aside it would lead to lesser participation from the public because film industry’s pull power is much stronger. Let us wait and watch.