Krishnam Raju Slipped The Tongue

By - December 14, 2017 - 03:17 PM IST

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These days the only instance you would recall rebel star Krishnam Raju is when it has to do with the marriage of his brother’s son, the young rebel star Prabhas. It is known that the veteran star is looking after the matter of Prabhas’s marriage and for a long time, many have been trying their best to know something about this topic.

Now, Krishnam Raju himself seems to have spilled few beans. Recently he was sharing his thoughts when he mentioned that they are looking at the horoscope compatibility of Prabhas with the potential brides. As a result, the entire process is getting delayed. Meanwhile, the rationalists who heard this are raising their eyebrows.

They are saying that in today’s time talking such things indicates old fashioned thoughts of the family. They are suggesting that Krishnam Raju could have said something else instead of this. As for Prabhas, he is busy immersed in his next project ‘Saaho’ so it is going to be a while before we hear the good news about his wedding.