Another Affair Comes To An End?

By - December 20, 2017 - 03:36 PM IST

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You do get surprised and feel a little sad when you hear that someone you know has gone through a breakup or ended an affair but in the cinema industry, you will get surprised if you see an affair not coming to an end after a while. Incidentally, the number of affairs and relationships that occur here are not comprehensible to the normal mind.

They happen in plenty and while you might come across a few which are solid as a rock, there is always that possibility that it can end overnight. Something similar seems to be the talk emerging from Chennai regarding one relationship. It has to do with the seductive eyed beauty Anjali and the noted Tamil star Jai.

For a very long time, the duo was considered a strong pair and there were also those instances when the duo was snapped staying in the same place. Anyhow, Anjali has reportedly made it clear that there is no affair happening between both and both are just ‘good friends’. Your ears start bleeding when you hear the ‘good friends’ term but it clearly means things have come to an end.

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