Anushka Shetty's Bhaagamathie Teaser Talk

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Anushka Shetty's forthcoming movie Bhaagamathie teaser is out now. After Baahubali- The Conclusion, this is the only movie Anushka is to appear on the screen. There are a lot of speculations and expectations around this movie. Here is a brief review of the teaser which was released a while ago. 

The teaser of Bhaagamathir starts off with an eerie note, a haunted bungalow is shown (which look very similar to the one in Arundhathi). The BGM adds to the eerieness and creates horror. Then comes the best part of the teaser. Anushka is shown like an emotionally possessed person. She clips herself with a nail to the wall, hammering the blood out of her hand in the teaser.

The act of hammering herself to the wall is a gruesome sight with blood oozing out of her hand. Though the teaser hints of something which is supernatural or traumatic, it doesn't affect much. As the teaser looks very similar to that of Anushka's movie "Arundhathi", it does not give a fresh feel. This horror thriller is directed by Ashok and will soon hit the theaters.

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