Nani Diffuses Hot Controversy

By - December 20, 2017 - 01:08 PM IST

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More than maintaining good relations with everyone or scoring success it is important for you to maintain a clean slate bereft of controversies and clashes as a hero. This approach gives you a longer journey and better regard among everyone. Natural Star Nani has been quite good at that and he has complimented it with strong success track too.

However, the last few weeks saw his name being attached to something unusual. Well, the grapevine was making rounds that Nani was miffed with his leading lady, the natural cutie Sai Pallavi, during the shooting of their movie ‘MCA’. Buzz was that Sai Pallavi’s tantrums and discipline issues had switched off the Natural Star.

But before things can go out of control Nani himself came into the open and cleared the air. Sharing his thoughts with the media, Nani quashed all this as baseless rumors and stressed that Sai Pallavi was a great co-star to work with and he never had any issues with her. For now, the duo is looking forward to ‘MCA’s release on December 21st.

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