Big Praises For Rakul's Sensibilities

By - December 20, 2017 - 12:13 PM IST

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It is always a welcome thing to challenge something which is unfair but demanding something purely out of comparison with others is not being wise. There have been times when one issue of equal remuneration to heroes and heroines have been brought up by the latter but here is one beauty who understands the dynamics in the right manner.

She is none other than the sweet Punjabi Lassi Rakul Preet Singh. It is heard that recently Rakul was sharing her thoughts about this remuneration gap when she gave her opinion. The pretty girl reportedly maintained that when a film’s story rests on the hero, it is obvious that the outcome at the box office is also influenced by him.

Hence, the hero tends to get the lion’s share. At the same time, Rakul reportedly added that when a heroine leads the film she is bound to get a higher remuneration. True to her thoughts, starlets like Kangana Ranaut, Nayanthara, Anushka have stood as examples. Meanwhile, many are praising Rakul for her sensible and practical approach.

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