He Is A School For Producers

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Among the 24 crafts of the film industry perhaps the toughest in that happens to be that of a producer because he is the one who pumps the money for a movie and faces the maximum risk if it doesn’t work. That way, understanding the business of cinema and judging the scripts that appeal to the audience is not at all an easy task.

Given that, one man is being touted as the school for producers. He is none other than the man with the golden hand Dil Raju. While he has his share of dominance in the theatre and distribution network, Dil Raju is best known for his grip over the business and how much to invest in a movie and how much to recover from it.

A quick example of his expertise is his performance as a producer in 2017 wherein he came up with six movies and five among them fetched him successes with meaty profits. Time and again Dil Raju has proved to be a man with seasoned experience in movies. So, in case you aspire to be a producer you need to take a leaf or two from this man’s book.

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