Nani's Tussle With Bollywood Villain

By - December 21, 2017 - 11:13 AM IST

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One of the main reasons why Natural Star Nani has gained so much of fan following and patronage from the audience is due to his choice of scripts which suit his body language and personality aptly. He has the boy next door charm and it would be rather unusual to see him in a very jazzy or glamorous kind of leadership role.

Given his nativity image and appeal, it does come as a surprise when Nani is expected to get into a clash with a Bollywood actor. However, that is happening now and it would be seen in his today’s release ‘MCA’. For a long time this was kept under wraps and now the update has arrived. ‘MCA’ has a hardcore villain who hails from Bollywood.

His name is Vijay Varma and he shot to fame for his role in the Bollywood movie ‘Pink’. This is also his debut in the Telugu circuit and if he is able to click on this movie he can rest assured he would have his hands full. It is heard that both Nani and Vijay would be attending the shows across the theatres.

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