Sira Sri Clarified About 'Kadapa' Lyrics

By - December 22, 2017 - 10:36 AM IST

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Ram Gopal Varma's new web series "Kadapa" has ignited the fire among many in Rayalaseema. While a few activists are blatantly attacking the idea of making this web series, the majority comments under the trailer on youTube are of high praising. Same is the case with Kadapa title song that was released recently after the trailer.

While the straw effigies of Ram Gopal Varma are being burnt in Kadapa as a protest, even lyricist Sirasri felt the heat of allegations that Kadapa is projected in demeaning manner in his song with the expressions like "yama dwaarapu kadapa".

To this, in a TV Channel interview, Sirasri clarified, "RGV gave me a situation to write this particular song. He asked me to write a song from the heart of a faction victim who got his life ruined. He wanted the fearful agony of the victim in the lyrics with regard to the place called Kadapa. I wrote as per the requirement for that particular situation and it's not generalized".

Sirasri also continued, "I am ready to write a song on Kadapa with lines like "sukha saantula kadapa" if any other director asks me to write".