Pawan Kalyan To Quit Movies?

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The issue of power star Pawan Kalyan and his way forward has been making hot rounds since long. It is known that Pawan has started taking an active interest in the political side and his Jana Sena party is picking up the heat. This has also given rise to another news that Pawan is going to bid adieu to films and focus totally on politics.

This created a major discomfort for the fans and they were quite heartbroken. In continuation to that, they were on tenterhooks when the audio release function of ‘Agnyaathavasi’ took place. They were expecting Pawan to make a formal announcement that it would be his last. However, all those tensions vanished into thin air.

Pawan was seen in his usual self and he was accompanied by the producers of his next two films. Since no announcement has come from him it is clear that the power star is going to honor his remaining film commitments. This would mean his fans will get to see their favorite star onscreen for some more time so they are rejoicing.

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