Tammu Out! Sam In!

By - December 21, 2017 - 01:18 PM IST

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The best way to lead a peaceful life as a heroine is to accept the fact that everything is temporary be it success or opportunities. Most importantly, you need to be clear that no matter how much talent you have there is something called a stroke of luck and destiny which plays a crucial role in the career. Bottomline is, everything has a small shelf life.

The reason for this philosophy is the news that the milky white beauty Tamannaah has now been replaced by the cute smile queen Samantha by the Zee group. Apparently, Tamannah used to be the brand ambassador for the Zee Telugu channel and she used to promote about various serials and other shows in the channel.

Now, it is going to be the turn of Samantha and sources reveal already few promos have been canned wherein Sam would be seen in complete traditional attire. The promos would start featuring very one on this channel. Meanwhile, many of Tammu’s admirers are eagerly waiting to see her on Telugu screen soon. Hope she obliges them soon.

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