Rana is just behind PK & Mahesh

By - December 27, 2017 - 11:55 AM IST

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Daggubati Rana- Producer, Actor, Anchor and most importantly the modern age master story-teller is the happening film personality across India.

He is very much active in social media, silver screen, digital medium & also doing a Hollywood project. He even made a joke about himself that- Almost 3 days in a week, I will be on Planes to catch up the work at different places across the globe’.

Right now, he has handful projects like- 1945 (Telugu/Tamil), Enai Noki Paayum Thota (Tamil), Anizham Thirunaal Marthanda Varma (Malayalam) & Haathi Mera Saathi (Trilingual). In addition to the above- two web series featuring Rana are in pre-production which makes him the man of the movies.

Here comes the other side of this busy man in the movie business. As coming to his earnings, he is just behind the two powerful superstars of TFI- Pawan Kalyan & Mahesh Babu. Being a person who is master in three to four creative fields makes him earn hefty paychecks.

On the whole, Rana becomes so busy and even richer than his fellow actors with his multi-tasking talent.

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