Awe: Fascinating Teaser

By - January 04, 2018 - 05:30 PM IST

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Natural star Nani has something interesting to show to us. Impressed by a story narrated by an upcoming filmmaker, Nani agreed to produce for a movie. The concept has been made into a movie and is titled AWE. 
As 'Awe'some as the title is, so is the one-minute teaser which is unveiled. We had earlier reported that Awe is a story of a fish. The teaser starts off with the voice-over by Nani. A fish narrates a story to a bonsai plant and this story seems to be the interaction between them. The fish's voice is by Nani and plant's voice is Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja's. 
The fish narrates an age-old story of a king who had seven children. The plant makes fun of the fish for narrating the same old known story. The fish shows to the plant a glance of his another story, for which the plant is like- Awe!! 
The teaser gives a glance of almost every character from the movie. It ends with the fish saying that "Story is the hero!". Truly intriguing and shows the fascination of the filmmaking in one minute. Kudos to the director Prashanth Varma! 

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