Who Is That Lady Producer?

By - January 04, 2018 - 02:59 PM IST

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The world of films is a rather interesting place because as outsiders we not only get entertained through the movies but also through the various gossips and rumors that make rounds. Most of the gossips revolve around affairs and love stories. But there are times when few affairs are serious and lead to marriages.

The Filmnagar is a small place in that aspect so nothing is hidden for long. This time, a strong grapevine is making rounds about a lady producer who has fallen in love with a young hero and even marriage is being contemplated by the duo. The fact that this producer comes from a big film family makes things interesting.

Though many are trying to figure out who that lady producer is, we would not like to reveal her name respecting her privacy. Point is if she has found true love in a man and the feeling is mutual let them lead a happy life. If all this is for real an official announcement will anyhow be coming in. Let us wait and watch.