Agnyathavasi Content Decides Dil Raju's Gamble

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The very act of putting money in a film is nothing short of a gamble because the average success of films per year is just 20 percent. Given that, you can imagine the risk one has to take while dealing with a big hero film. The risk is doubled when you are also distributing the film because the losses can get you on roads.

The man with the golden hand Dil Raju had a fantastic 2017 and now he is taking a big gamble with the movie ‘Agnyathavasi’ featuring power star Pawan Kalyan. The news is that he has bought the film’s Naizam rights for a whopping 28.5 crores. In order to get to break-even, the film should garner at least 30 crores plus share.

The hype for a Pawan Kalyan film is certainly high but that would not be sufficient to get Dil Raju to the safe zone. The most important element is the content of the film. If the content is anywhere near average, the film will catapult itself to be a blockbuster. ‘Agnyathavasi’ is releasing on January 10th so let us see what happens.

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