Stop Harassing Prabhas Please!

By - January 04, 2018 - 10:57 AM IST

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It is a natural habit for the media and public to know about what is happening on the personal front for a star hero. And even if something is not happening, there is the tendency to cook up a news and make that gossip very strong. While this is tolerable to some extent, it is not healthy to cross the line.

Young rebel star Prabhas has always maintained a clean slate when it comes to controversies and especially the matter of affairs which is common in tinsel town. However, for a long time he is being dragged into one issue, an affair with the awesome beauty Anushka. It is true that the duo has worked for four movies.

It is also true that both share an excellent rapport onscreen and off the screen too. But at the same time, Prabhas has repeatedly clarified they are good friends and there is nothing beyond that. Despite all this, grapevine has again started that something is brewing between them. About time common sense and maturity prevail.

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