Class Nani's Mass Punch!

By - January 04, 2018 - 11:21 AM IST

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Being a hero who has the good stamina at the box office might be possible for you but it is an altogether different effort when you have to find the acceptance of the mass audience. The day you are able to win them your place as a big star is cemented. Normally, heroes who have a class following don’t get into this domain.

However, one hero has broken that jinx now. He is none other than Natural Star Nani. It is known that Nani has got the patronage of the class and family audience but with his recent offering ‘MCA’ he has struck strongly at the Mass Centers. The Ceded territory is known for its mass audience and Nani has shined.

According to reports by trade analysts, ‘MCA’ is expected to fetch a whopping 5 crores from Ceded alone and this is a big victory for Nani. The film is doing well despite an average talk and the coast is clear till Sankranthi. All in all, Nani has achieved another significant breakthrough with this movie.

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