Vigilance On Mahesh's Movements

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Being of a certain stature if you try to get into a conflict with someone many times powerful than you then immediately you come under their surveillance. The same is reportedly happening with the noted film critic cum director Mahesh Kathi. It is known that he is hitting headlines every other day.

On one side he is attacking power star Pawan Kalyan along with his fans and this time the opposite side is taking things seriously. According to Filmnagar sources, some biggies are keeping track of Mahesh’s movements so that he will goof up somewhere and can be caught red-handed.

Officially no legal action can be taken because what Mahesh is speaking is not out of some impulse or emotion, it is coming with some clarity of thought. Yet, well-wishers of Mahesh reveal he needs to be careful in terms of his movements because eyes are watching him. Let us see how he deals with this one.

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