Mahesh Kathi- The Hypocrite!

By - January 08, 2018 - 03:14 PM IST

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The tables have turned for Critic Kathi. It was him who got into all the controversies himself. He has been consistently trying to prove invalid points. In the beginning, there was a soft corner about Mahesh Kathi that he might make a valid point. But, the people are fed up with his daily-duty on the TV channels.
Mahesh Kathi started all these things from nowhere and has been grabbing attention. It went to a peak stage lately and Mahesh Kathi lost the game all at once. While he dragged the actress Poonam Kaur into this, he might not have imagined that it would only damage his existing goodwill. 
Poonam Kaur took her twitter to express her disgust over Kathi Mahesh's consistent cry over Pawan Kalyan, was dragged and even charged her with baseless allegations. Kathi Mahesh mentioned that Poonam Kaur is Pawan Kalyan's girlfriend. He also challenged Pawan Kalyan and Poonam Kaur to answer a set of his questions. 
Here are some key points which only exposes Kathi Mahesh's hypocrisy. 
1. The first thing is, Poonam Kaur neither mentioned Kathi Mahesh's name nor did she tag him. Why is that Kathi Mahesh create so much buzz over this even without being mentioned?
2. Kathi Mahesh, who claims that he is a sensible critic attacked Poonam Kaur via live challenge on a news channel which is not the proper way to approach while our rights are being threatened right? He had to choose a legal way instead of overreacting, Right?
3. The most important one. While he keeps throwing tantrums and makes baseless statements, and claim that he has got "RIGHT TO EXPRESS", why is this reaction on someone's (Poonam's) rights of speech? After all, she is an Indian and a co-citizen too. Right? Then why are you threatening her for her freedom of expression? Like you react to the ones who have an opinion about, she reacted too. Why are you accusing her of something which is her personal?

 While you do not want to bring your family into the public scenario, then why are you dragging other's private affairs?
Last but not the least. Kathi Mahesh is being a hypocrite from the very beginning who brings in caste in the middle of the discussions also. It has been proved on a dozen of live debates too. Kathi Mahesh has to stop here or else it would be not just against him and a bunch of people but him vs everyone. 

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