Poonam Kaur's Brother Reacts on Kathi

By - January 08, 2018 - 12:34 PM IST

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One man's baseless allegations have led so many into murky issues. Mahesh Kathi who claims to be a democratic citizen has crossed all the limits lately by dragging personal issues in public. He has been just provoking Pawan Kalyan and his fans ever since he started to get attention by doing the same. Seems the media also was in the favor of him all these days until he got personal.
Poonam Kaur who tweeted stuff on him (which he assumes even though he was neither tagged nor mentioned) via her Twitter got into this murky issue. Mahesh Kathi accused Poonam of her reaction and took her name publicly. She was even mentioned as Pawan Kalyan's 'girlfriend' by Mahesh Kathi. He also made a list of senseless questions and challenged Pawan Kalyan and Poonam Kaur to come and face him.
Stooping lower, he also went on commenting that she even got to endorse handlooms in Telugu states just because she has some kind of relationship with Pawan Kalyan. The most important thing is he even alleged saying that Poonam went to perform pujas along with Pawan Kalyan. 
Poonam Kaur's brother Shyam Singh spoke to a channel and clarified that they are definitely not going to leave Mahesh Kathi for defaming her. He also said that Poonam was a student of NIFT for which she was appointed as an ambassador for handlooms(because she has got a good knowledge of the textile etc). 
"Poonam has no connection with these things. She did not attend any puja with Pawan Kalyan and she has no issues with Trivikram Srinivas. We are to take a legal action against Kathi Mahesh", said Shyam Singh. 
Now, let us see how Critic Kathi will face this. 

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