Kona Solves Kathi's Problem?

By - January 08, 2018 - 10:35 AM IST

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With each passing day, the bombardment from Kathi Mahesh on power star Pawan Kalyan has been increasing and things got nasty with the entry of actress Poonam Kaur. She has come down heavily on Kathi and had her share of questions and opinions on him. Responding to that in a press meet, Mahesh came up with few questions –

- Who gave you brand ambassador position for handlooms in Andhra Pradesh?

- When you were admitted in hospital after attempting suicide who paid the bill?

- Why did you and Pawan got the pooja done with same Gothram?

- You and Trivikram did Kshudra Puja with Pawan, if you say no I have proofs?

- Why you are angry with Trivikram?

- What was the promise that made by Pawan Kalyan to your mother? Did it materalized?

Amidst this, Kathi also added that star writer Kona Venkat is now trying to resolve the issue. He maintained “I respect Kona Garu. He should be a mediator and not speak on behalf of Pawan or his fans.” Responding to this Kona has asked Kathi and others to maintain silence till January 15.

Will we know the real truth on that day? Can Kona really put an end to this nonstop ranting? Can we bury this issue once and for all and move forward? Let us wait and watch.

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