Pawan Kalyan AGNYAATHAVAASI Live Updates

By - January 09, 2018 - 10:07 PM IST

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AGNYAATHAVAASI,we will bring you the exciting journey shortly…
Location : Michigan, USA 
Screen 9 amc livonia

Our team is entering the theater and we see a lot of noise already. 

3 minutes to go..

- The beggining is terrific with a lot of noise, movie starts off with an accident scene

- A cold blodded murder of Boman Irani, maybe this could be a revenge against his killing.

-  Balu Kaha hai re !!!! 

- Nepali location with PSPK intro in a mudra pose, now thats a power packed entrance.

-Fight scence followed by first song - Dhaga Dhagamaney 

- Finally Trivikrams name on the screen and the crowd goes crazy !!

-Balu wants to take revenge by throwing the guys from the same building where his father was killed - Boman 

- Anirudh, great job with background score

-Vennela Kishore starts off with what he is good at hahaha.

- balu (PSPK) and his team cleverly traps vennela 

- Balu cheats to get an interview cleared. This is a master plan to his main agenda 

- Heroin  Anu Emmanuel entrance, guess what she is shown smoking cigarettes in a washroom 

- unisex washroom? 

- Balu is seetharam? Let's find out..

- Heroin ki scale picchi .

- The problem is Sharma or Varma? Babu has to find out who killed his father and brother

-Beautiful, Keerthi suresh- sukumari . Enters the movie, she is learning classical music. Song -Swagatam Krishna

- So the two women are daughters of Sharma and Varma respectively

- Rao Ramesh and his comedy. 

- Song time -Baitaki ochi chuste (great location)

-Balu, threatens intelligently to the crowd that he wouldn't leave any culprit. Tappuchesinavadini evarni vadalanu 

- Balu gets a promotion already 

-Adi enters the movie sequence 

-What an entrance for Adi 

-a romance scene, balu explains holding and hugging ;)

-of course it is song time - Gaali Valuga.

-attack on Balu !!! He manages to escape though.

-the motive to kill his family's murders is stronger than ever for Balu now.

- slowly the plot is taking a different turn, it might not be Varma or Sharma in the killings 

- Adi-Seetharam  is the killer. 

- Abhishikta Bhargav PSPK'S name. Revealed 

- Interval time - great plot and movie, still miss real Trivikram. Hope the next half will do justice. 

-The war against the wrong starts - team khusboo and PSPK 

-flashback time 

- Vinda (Boman) has plan B for everything. Even for his wife apparently. 

-Step mom and step son is shown to be a strong one here. Good one.

-Abhisketa is now the CEO of his dad's company 

-cycling sequence in the office and the noise he made is just amazing.

-Rao ramesh is just amazing with his punches :)

- Anu proposes PSPK 

- And the best is here.. koteshwarao song ...

-serious board meeting starts 

-guess who goes to Bulgaria  - Nari nari naduma murari

-two hotties fighting for PSPK - one must be thinking, that's the dream ;)

- serious business here, car chase between the bad guys and our Abhi 

-ten crores and New notes to back stab abhi- won't reveal who is back stabbing ;)

-what a change over mama 

-election to the New CEO begins

-thats some serious fight sequence and it really has trivikram stuff in it.

Final verdict ---- movie with good songs, great background score and some sentiment. May hit the box offices well because of PSPK. Trivikram essence is missing somewhere. 



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