Tollywood Celebs Play With Cocks

By - January 09, 2018 - 05:00 PM IST

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In less than a week the two Telugu states would be reverberating with joy and delight because the festival of Sankranthi is coming. While it is an auspicious time for the Tollywood folks also because big releases would be arriving there is another reason why the cine folks are quite excited.
We are talking about the Cock Fights (Kodi Pandelu) which are going to take place during the festival. Apparently, these fights are quite famous in the coastal area and though the court is taking it seriously the locals don’t seem much bothered. Meanwhile, the celebs are also gearing up for the event.
Sources reveal some are going in person and betting and some are doing betting from Hyderabad through the phone. It is known that if a film celebrity goes attention will be drawn and given the opposition to this event, the celebrity will be hammered if he/she gets caught so they have arranged for putting their stakes from Hyderabad itself.

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