Rs 60 Cr Advances To All Heroes

By - January 09, 2018 - 12:02 PM IST

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As a producer, you would want to give advance to a hero only when a project is confirmed and take his dates. However, one big banner has taken a giant leap in that aspect and has created a sensation of sorts. We are talking about the Mythri Movies Banner which has been riding a success wave.
Since their inception, Mythri Movies has been working only with the best of the top heroes such as mega power star Ram Charan, power star Pawan Kalyan and superstar Mahesh Babu. Now, here comes the best part. It is heard that they have given advances to almost all the top league heroes and took their dates.
One estimate of these advances is being put at a whopping 60 crores and this has become a hot topic for everyone in Filmnagar. Well, it is clear that Mythri Movies is coming in with some ambitious plans and hence this kind of strategy has been adopted. Let us wait to see how this whole thing works.

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