Producer's Philosophical Tweet

By - January 10, 2018 - 06:12 PM IST

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Most of the members of the film fraternity that you come across would be extremely practical with no room for philosophy or consideration. They are very work oriented and don’t believe much in keeping that relation properly. However, there are those exceptions who create that required difference.
The noted producer/director Madhura Sreedhar has become a sought after name when it comes to the tier two projects and his audio company has created a brand for itself. As a person, Madhura Sreedhar is known to be very logical with good intellect and grip over cinema. However, he surprised all by showing another side.
Recently he came up with a tweet which goes like this – ‘Looks like 2018 is year of ‘payback of Karma’’. Those who saw this tweet are saying Sreedhar has kept this tweet keeping the incidents of Ghazal Srinivas and anchor Pradeep Machiraju in mind. Well, we would not want to challenge it because there is sufficient truth in it.  

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