Agnyatavasi Overseas Loss- Rs 15 Cr

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The intensity and pace with which the movie ‘Agnyatavasi’ has arrived, it is falling back with the same pace. The expectations and vibes were quite positive prior to the release but the very first show has revealed this one is going to head to a disaster. The situation in the overseas box office is concerning.
According to reports, ‘Agnyatavasi’ was bought for a whopping 20 crores in the US. The premieres were held in a big way and they got 10 crores. Cutting their publicity and share cost and theatrical rent the buyers will get around 4 crores out of this. Given this calculation, at the most, they might get 1 crore.
Considering the lukewarm response and the terrible word of mouth publicity, it is clear that no matter how high the film scores there will be a minimum of 10-12 crores loss for the buyers in the US territory. We will know how fatal the blow is once the film’s complete business run is done.

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