Krishna Vamsi Desperate?

By - January 11, 2018 - 11:20 AM IST

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After watching few movies from a director you tend to form an impression and you also know they have a signature style of filmmaking. But when the same director comes up with something very contrasting to his nature it does spring a surprise. The creative genius Krishna Vamsi seems to be doing something like that.
From the time he got into the industry, Krishna Vamsi has made a mark for movies which were intense and filled with strong family sentiment. But now it is heard that he has decided to take everyone off-guard. Well, he wants to make a superb comedy movie and has begun the groundwork for it.
Sources reveal he is welcoming writers to narrate stories and if he is able to connect to anyone it is going to be a green signal for the project. Those who heard this are saying it will be interesting to see how someone like Krishna Vamsi will be able to handle humor and how the audience will receive him now given his track record. 

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