Mayabazar Inspiration On Agnyatavasi

By - January 12, 2018 - 01:37 PM IST

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There is a reason why we name certain movies as trendsetters and cult films. Though years pass, these movies tend to be an inspiration for many other movies one way or another. In the history of Tollywood, ‘Mayabazar’ remains an evergreen masterpiece which has become an inspiration to many other movies.
Now, some are inferring that this film had its influence even on the latest release ‘Agnyatavasi’ featuring power star Pawan Kalyan. Apparently, the film has a track between the super talented duo of Ravu Ramesh and Murali Sharma. They are called as Sarma and Varma in the movie and both have an interesting track.
Those who saw this are saying this reminds them of Allu Ramalingaiah and Vangara in the movie ‘Mayabazar’ and their scenes offer a great relief. That way, Trivikram seems to have got the required inspiration from ‘Mayabazar’ at least for this track. Incidentally, ‘Agnyatavasi’ has got a thumbs down but it is only the Sarma-Varma track which got a thumbs up.

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