Padmavat Gains Public Sympathy

By - January 12, 2018 - 10:51 AM IST

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These days it has become normal for few movies to garner controversy and then release at a later stage. While some of them are fabricated controversies there are also those which are genuine. However, one film has been standing the test of time and finally able to see the light at the theatres.
We are talking about the Bollywood movie ‘Padmavat’ featuring the burgundy eyed beauty Deepika Padukone, motormouth Ranveer Singh, and others. The controversy related to this movie is known and the censor board came up with a considerable number of cuts. The film has got a U/A certificate finally.
Despite so many cuts if some protests take place which is anticipated it is sure that public will get sympathy over this movie. Frankly speaking, this kind of madness is not valid and it is not making any sense. The makers have stressed that Padmavati is not linked to Alauddin Khilji and still they are not listening. This is a shame!

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